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Comment Fics! Weeeeeeee!
  Hi everyone and welcome to comment_away!

So you're probably wondering what this community is even for. Well, it's a place to hold a J-Squared comment fic meme every month. We'll have different themes and we hope for lots and lots of participation. It's a chance to write non serious fic, just little tid bits to get those creative juices flowing or to just let loose and have some fun!

We will hold the meme once a month and everyone is welcome to participate! Basically we'll announce a theme and let the meme go on for a couple of days. Then we'll do a round up post of what fics were written. This is Jared/Jensen only though, just keep that in mind when asking for prompts :)

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to say hi, please comment here! The mods will try to get to them as soon as possible.

Thank you all and we can't wait to get this comm underway!

Your mods,
chickyoops and enablelove

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