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domesticity part deux!

Let's revisit this theme! I luff it lots :D :D :D

★ Comment to this post with your prompt (ex: laundry day).
★ Post as many prompts as you like.
★ If you find a prompt that you like, jump in and write some comment fic for the prompt poster.
★ More than one comment fic response to a prompt is definitely okay! (Is there EVER enough fic!?)
★ Tell your friends to come join in, add a prompt, and leave some love for the authors!


thank you fryttu for the banner!

making the bed by cherry916
the boys have a garage sale by slothy_girl
doing the dishes by dephigravity
Exercising by dante_s_hell
Who's turn is it exactly to take out the trash by transifxeddream
grocery shopping, and arguing over what to buy by poor_choices
grocery shopping, and arguing over what to buy by motherrussia91
so, apparently they can't make it through an episode of extreme home makeover... by __tiana__
spring cleaning by dephigravity
making dinner by transfixeddream
One of them likes mowing the lawn with their shirt off. The other enjoys the view. by zubeneschamali
Someone cooks while the other has to clean up, them are the rules says one of them by raeschae
getting ready in the morning, running into each other while brushing their teeth and stuff by ms_soma
a lazy Sunday afternoon just hanging out/napping/watching tv. by dante_s_hell
Folding the laundry. One of them does it wrong! by tsuki_no_bara
borrowing each other's clothes by slothy_girl
fighting over which side of the bed each gets, or if one hogs all the blankets by transfixeddream
taking the dogs for a routine checkup by matalinolukaret
Taking that next important step (whatever it may be) by littleworkerbee
Jared can't find a pair of matching socks. Help, Jensen! Help! by littleworkerbee
Friday night in by the_milky_way
trading sexual favors for passes on chores by tebtosca
sharing a toothbrush by retrolite
Babysitting for Chad and Sophia by tebtosca
Trying to put an IKEA bed together by the_milky_way
Making popcorn without a microwave by cleflink
ACTUALLY picking out curtains by raeschae
Power shortage. Jensen is too chickenshit to go to basement and check what's happened because he thinks it's cursed. by transfixeddream
Tags: theme #05: domesticity
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