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Theme 1: SCHMOOP; Roundup Post

enablelove hosted a 'Needs Moar Schmoop!!!' comment fic meme at her journal and we decided that would be how we would kick off the community! You all are more then welcome to keep on participating :)
Comment Fic Meme
banner made by bekkis

enablelove wrote Which does Jensen love most -- coffee, sleep, Jared? A comparative study.
poor_choices wrote J2: reading in bed
earthquakedream wrote J2: long distance phone calls
the_milky_way wrote J2 - Imagine the boys not yet living together. Jared asking Jensen to move in with him.
bekkis wrote J2 - coming home from work together.
bekkis wrote J2: How one of the boys wakes the other up in the morning.
sablier_bloque wrote J2: How one of the boys wakes the other up in the morning.
havenward wrote J2: And when I wake you're there
obsessed1 wrote J2: And when I wake you're there
incompletework2 wrote J2: How one of the boys wakes the other up in the morning.
norapinephrine wrote Jensen's keychain (with Jared's key, natch).
annella wrote Jared treats Jensen to a day at the spa.
annkiri wrote Jared treats Jensen to a day at the spa.
shadecat wrote Jared and Jensen shopping for a new puppy.
joans23 wrote J2: baby i confess, i was not expecting this; (i have been waiting for someone like you)
the_milky_way wrote Jensen going through and throwing out and replacing some of Jareds clothes so they match his own
shadecat wrote J2:Bringing home the new baby.
ms_soma wrote J2:Bringing home the new baby.
bekkis wrote J2 - watching a movie together which makes one of them cry who tries to hide it
poor_choices wrote J2 - one of the boys bringing the other one home to his parents for the first time
splashpink wrote J2: Jared realizes Jensen needs glasses.
bekkis wrote J2-post hiatus reunion
bekkis wrote J2: vacation
switch842 wrote J2 - Jared gets shin-splints from running too often and the doctor tells him to stay in bed, Jensen helps with the boredom
joans23 wrote J2: late night serenade by jensen when he thinks jared is still sleeping.
agt_bush wrote J2-Something happens to one of Jared's puppes*, making Jensen realize just what he feels for Jared.
bekkis wrote Jared thinks he needs a haircut. Jensen absolutely will not let him. He loves Jared's hair.
daisiedaily wrote jensen can't sleep and finds out jared can actually sing..
twofourteen wrote Jensen records Jared talking in his sleep.
obsessed1 wrote J2. Harley and Sadie have two Daddies.
daisiedaily wrote J2-playing footsie
dollydolittle wrote J2. Anniversary.
rudhampaiel wrote Jared overdoes it -- and needs a massage.
evildiorama wrote J2: Playing with puppies in the park (or forest or whatever green space you like)
norapinephrine wrote Jared hurts himself on set - nothing major - and plays it up to the max so Jensen will be his nursemaid. Costumes optional. XD
agt_bush wrote J2: Sightseeing/being adorable and incognito while in another country for a convention.
norapinephrine wrote J2 - engagement/wedding schmoop
ms_soma wrote J2: GETTING MARRIED
mnemosime wrote J2: one of them is sick
oh_mcgee wrote J2: Babysitting Logan (or the other nephews)
rawkin_ur_sox write J2: a marriage proposal that doesn't go as planned.
fromperdition wrote J2: a marriage proposal that doesn't go as planned.
acquiescence_ wrote J2: Jared buys Jensen a hamster because he, quote 'Needs Friends'.
bekkis wrote J2: Jensen steals (and wears) Jared's clothes.
daisiedaily wrote J2: Kissing in the rain
the_milky_way wrote J2: Jensen tries to get Jared to take his vitamins.
dollydolittle wrote J2: The boys go fishing.
matalinolukaret wrote J2: Lazy Summer Afternoons
earthquakedream wrote J2: Jensen wears a 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' shirt under duress.
the_milky_way wrote j2: first day of spring in vancouver.
timehasa_way wrote J2: Jared expresses his gay love for Jensen by baking him a penis shaped cake. Jensen isn't impressed, but eats the cake anyway.
dollydolittle wrote J2, with a slightly drunken first kiss
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