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theme #06: happy birthday!

A J-Squared birthday-related comment fic meme! Anyone's birthday (not necessarily Jensen's)

★ Comment to this post with your prompt (ex: little kids birthday party).
★ Post as many prompts as you like.
★ If you find a prompt that you like, jump in and write some comment fic for the prompt poster.
★ More than one comment fic response to a prompt is definitely okay! (Is there EVER enough fic!?)
★ Tell your friends to come join in, add a prompt, and leave some love for the authors!


(This is one of the hottest Jensen pics IMO, okay? haha)

Jensen just wants to go home and cuddle up with Jared after a long day. Not a freaking SURPRISE party. by [Bad username: <lj user=]
Jensen takes his son to his school friends birthday party, there he meets the birthday boys dad, who is Jared. The J's hit it off. by the_rant_girl
Jared's forgotten Jensen's birthday until he comes home late from work. He does whatever he can with what he's got in his apartment to make it up to him. by the_rant_girl
It's Jensen's birthday and Jared wakes him up in the best way possible.. by mistyzeo
It's Jensen's birthday and his batshit crazy grandmother from Texas is visiting. Which means Jensen and Jared have to hide fact that they are a couple. Hilarity ensues. by the_milky_way
Jensen's birthday is trending on Twitter. Jared laughs by matalinolukaret
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