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Lonely Prompts Post

There were quite a few prompts that weren't written, so here's the 'Lonely Post' aka the prompts that didn't get written which we hope you take a look at. If you DO write any of them, please comment here letting us know :)

J2: good-humored bickering in the morning
laundry day
planting a garden
changing the sheets
washing the car
spring cleaning
J2, Jensen moves in, Jared harasses him with colour samples and bed skirts.
J2: Jared cheers Jensen up with a night of watching Friends DVDs.
J2: getting ready for the first time they have friends over for dinner.
painting...and it gets messy
The house has gotten really messy & Jared demands they have a "clean-up" day.
J2, jared being a clean freak about his kitchen floor with a scrubbing brush and all. jensen teasing him endlessly about it.
J2, grocery shopping. Bonus points for Jared being handsy with Jensen in the check out line.
Jensen thinks he's gaining weight from all the scenes of Dean eating food. Jared reassures him.
Jared convinces Jensen to grow out his hair during hiatus/after spn ends
One of the J's makes a special dinner for the other but of course it all goes wrong
Jensen comforts Jared when something happens to one of the dogs.
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